The Dodge Viper Makes New Nurburgring Attempt

By August 30, 2017Dodge Car News
The Dodge Viper Makes New Nurburgring Attempt!

The Dodge Viper Makes New Nurburgring Attempt! We’ve reported before that the Dodge Viper is set to be a classic after its ceased production and the plant has officially closed. Now we are excited to report that a group of Viper enthusiasts are determined to see the Viper succeed at the Nurburgring. They are attempting to make a new lap record, with the second attempt seeing a slight improvement over the first one. The team, made up of pro-racers Dominik and Mario Farnbacher, is hoping for a sub-7-minute lap time after posting the slightly improved time of 7:03.23.

Art of gears explains one challenge that might explain the barely improved time, “The Road & Track coverage says that the extremely high temperatures at Nurburgring, Nordschleife could be the reason for the negligible improvement. The Dodge Viper cars being used for the record attempt are running on Kumho tires and the intense tarmac heat isn’t helping in any way to post a superior lap time. A total of 16 tires were consumed by both cars as the sun mercilessly cooked the rubber shod on the wheels.” Check out the full video below:

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