Behind the Making of the Dodge Demon

By June 14, 2017Dodge Car News
Behind the Making of the Dodge Demon

Behind the Making of the Dodge Demon! Recently, we shared that the Dodge Demon is the fastest production car with an impressive 9.65-second quarter-mile and 2.3-second 6-60 time, but now we are excited to share more about the making of the Dodge Demon. According to information reported by The Detroit News, the model used to be referred to as the “American Drag Racer” and was planned to be the short distance equivalent to the Dodge Viper. The top secret project was purposely given the name “Benny” (named for Chris Cowland’s favorite “Top Cat” cartoon character)  to prevent news about the development from being released. The Demon got its production green-light in September of 2015.

“Our mantra was ‘nines-with-light.’ It had to run under 10 seconds and it had to pull the front wheels,” Kuniskis explained to media at M1 Concourse on Thursday, six weeks after its jaw-dropping Big Apple debut. “Why? Because nobody had done it. And if you do it, then the Camry buyer reads the headlines and say, ‘They just built a car that pulls a wheelie. Now you got my attention.’ Every two weeks we would have a meeting. And every decision was driven by ‘nines-with-light,’ ” Kuniskis says. The money set designated for the interior money got repurposed into the transbrake and a chiller.”

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